Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Daddyhood and other observations

Malcolm is now 7 weeks old. As babies are wont to do, he changes literally every day (ok, I suppose all humans do technically, but his changes are very evident).
For example: The boy can really cry now. Before he had a pretty mellow yelp, like his lungs weren't too strong (which they weren't, of course) or that he wasn't really hungry/upset. But now, goodness, he can hit the strong high notes when he is hungry.
And he is hungry a LOT.

He has become aware that he has a tongue, which makes it slightly easier for him to keep a pacifier in his mouth for more than two seconds.
He smiles a LOT now, especially in the mornings which have become playtime for him. As of a few days ago he likes to lay on his back on a blanket and make funny faces at Kristin or me, or stare at a stuffed animals.

We took a weeklong vacation in Tulsa, so Malcolm could get some quality time with his Freeman side of the family and Okie/Kansas friends. He was really, incredibly well-behaved on the car ride both ways ---- he slept mostly, and nursed quickly at various gas station/Subway parking lots, and didn't complain too much that I was changing his diapers by making him lay awkwardly on the passenger seat of the Corolla.
In Tulsa he got to meet his cousins, and his aunt Clare and Uncle Brandon, and see some friends of Kristin's that came down to see him. He played with a four month old fellow baby, and they babbled incoherently to each other.
We went out to the Freeman's 160-acre wooded property in the middle of nowhere, and it was great. Malcolm rode in his sling on my hip for a long hike, and he loved it. Mostly because he was asleep.

We like it the most when he sleeps or cuddles on our chests on the couch. This is when he is at his most peaceful.
He really is a mellow, sweet little baby. He eats a lot and is growing really well. He's gained 3 inches in length since he was born, and more than 1.5 pounds. We think he got even bigger in Tulsa; it seems like he fits into his car seat more snugly each time. And his newborn clothes are all getting way too small.

Today we strolled down to our insurance agent, enjoying the balmy 60 degree weather. He really likes strolling, and typically stares up at trees, or falls asleep.
Like a proper bourgie hipster, I attached the sweet Bugaboo cup holder to the sweet Bugaboo stroller so I could put my New Wave latte into it while strolling him. Luckily my Timbuk2 diaper bag wasn't too heavy.
Yes: We Are The Gentrifying Yuppies you've been warned about.

I kid you not: Our insurance agent was playing Jay-Z on the office sound system. There were Banksy-style prints on the walls. Every employee had motivational/spiritual quotations on the dry erase board at their desks.
And this was at fucking STATE FARM!
Logan Square has officially tipped. Thank goodness we own our place.

We got ourselves some good, solid term life insurance, so that if anything happens to Kristin or me the other person will have plenty of cash to survive on, and Malcolm can be provided for.
Hopefully this is the last "Serious Adult" purchase for a while. Car insurance, refinancing, life insurance, etc.
My biggest concern when I was 24 was whether nor not I could afford the large guacamole or just the small container from Taco Grill on Taylor Street. This has now morphed into "20 year or 30 year term life insurance?"

A change for the better, to be sure.

 Current nicknames for Malcolm: Peanut, Sweet Pea (Kristin's favorites), Malki, Mookie, Malki-Moo, Stinker (my most-used)

Anyhow, he is the greatest. All the shit everyone says about parenthood and babies is completely true.  I really love it.


Cass said...

Super vegetarian burrito or chicken... I choose Malcolm! love the updates. hope to visit soon. Cal has been sick, but once that's kicked we will try to swing by for a hello!

Anonymous said...

He is such a sweetie and you guys have settled into being parents so easily. I love this part of life.

BP said...

Thank you Colin, I feel as if I am there! like your Mom said "This is the best of life" Enjoy!
grandma barb P.