Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Baby time

I'm pretty sure that anyone who still checks in here is well aware that we had our baby, Malcolm, on December 8, at 10:07pm. He weighed in at 8 lbs 6 oz, 20 inches long, and is a good little boy.

Random parenthood notes:

*Those fold-down changing tables they have at restaurants and other public places are kind of disgusting. They're helpful, sure, but then you think about how many diapers have been changed on them and wonder how often they use them. Yuck.

*Other parents welcome you into the secret world of parenthood. In the restroom yesterday (where I first used the aforementioned changing table), I had one guy fold down the table for me as I entered, saying "I've got three of 'em, you need every hand possible." Then a security guy peeing said he was having a baby in two months, and asked me how it was. I told him it was totally worth it and he seemed really relieved. Then a third guy came in holding his toddler daughter to change her, and he was very patient as I explained that I was taking so long because Malcolm had somehow peed a circle on his onesie while laying down (while leaving the rest unscathed), so I had to take off his shirt which is a dramatic process for him. Malcolm reacts to a shirt going over his head like he's watching a great tragedy unfold in front of him and he can't stop it. If he was an actor, the reviews would say he is laying it on way too thick.
Two seconds after the shirt is over his head, he's fine. Of course.

*My coworkers bought me the fanciest diaper bag ever created. It's wildly expensive and awesome. By using this, I've given Ben a load of ammo to call me a hipster forever. But is is really awesome. The changing pad is bigger than most, it's got lots of waterproof pockets, and it's a Timbuk2 which means it is indestructible.

*Malcolm eats. A LOT. Just this morning, we woke up from a 6am-8am nap on the couch, and he was hungry. So he had half a bottle of pumped milk, and then a bottle of formula. Fifteen minutes later, he was hungry still, so now he is nursing with Kristin. Dude can eat.

*His umbilical cord fell off on Day 8 of life. This was nice, because on Day 7 it was starting to smell a little bit, and when you are diapering a kicking infant eight times a day it is not so easy to gently avoid the belly button area.

*He shows awareness of loud noises, but doesn't freak out when they start/stop. When running the coffee grinder, his eyes just bug out and he slowly looks around to find out "What in the hell is that sound???"

*The shelf above his changing table, gifted by Mom and Dad and installed by Ken and Dad, is incredibly necessary. As Mal kicks and screams on the changing table, I'm glad I don't have to dig below for wipes/vaseline/balm/gauze/rubbing alcohol/cotton balls/the socks I took off so they dont' get kicked in poop.

*Malcolm was the star of Kristin's office Christmas party on Sunday night. He wore a red/white striped outfit with a reindeer on the bottom, and everyone was super impressed that Kristin was at a party and looking so vibrant only 8 days after birth. Very impressive. I think that going all-natural probably had a big effect on her quick recovery.

*I guess I didn't yet do any birth details. We got into the hospital at 2pm, and Malcolm came at 10pm. Kristin did her final laboring and pushing in the water, and was lauded by the midwives for being the most calm and quiet laboring woman they had ever seen. She was VERY impressive and strong, and I am so proud of her.

Well that's that for now. Just wanted to jot down some thoughts. More to follow I'm sure.


Ben Gorski said...

I mean, if that was a vintage bag...and you had it before everyone was getting vintage bags, I could call you a hipster.

Actually...I kinda like that bag. It's manly. Better than carrying around some super padded pink thing. Kudos to your co-workers

Cass said...

Great post. I just tried to comment but Google thinks that I might be a robot. I said something like - now I will actually read your blog instead of skimming. Malcolm is much more exciting (and more adorable) than the electoral college and company. Also, your wife is amazing.